Oracle Tutorial

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About Oracle

Oracle Server includes a DBMS which controls:

  • Storing data in the database area dedicated
  • Data recovery applications using appropriate optimization techniques
  • Database Security and tasks allowed for certain users
  • Consistency and data protection tasks including archiving and search mechanisms
  • Communication and integrity of information, when databases are distributed in a network.

Using Oracle has the following significant advantages:

  • Oracle is an open system and comply with industry standards in force relating to data access languages (SQL).
  • Oracle database supports any size from a few bytes to several gigabytes.
  • Oracle supports a large number of users simultaneously minimize data access conflicts and guarantees simultaneous data.
  • Oracle supports a client / server environment real. It allows dividing processing between the database server and client application programs.
  • Oracle offers full safety features to limit and monitor access to data and their use.
  • Oracle behave identically on all platforms (Windows, UNIX, Macintosh and mainframe systems).