Oracle Tutorial

PL/SQL Tutorial

This Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial course teaches you how to use basics of PL/SQL programming language. PL/SQL is the procedural extension of SQL language.

1. Introduction to PL/SQL

  • What is PL/SQL – introduction to PL/SQL programming language and its basic SQL commands.
  • PL/SQL Blocks – shows you how to create and use PL/SQL anonymous blocks.
  • PL/SQL Variables – shows you the types of variables and how to declare variables.
  • Oracle PL/SQL Data Types – in this section are presented the main types of data used like number, varchar2, date, blob.
  • PL/SQL Functions – a list with built-in SQL functions in Oracle Database.

2. Conditional and Loop Statements

3. Cursors

4. Exception Handling

5. Collections and Records

6. Stored Procedures, Functions and Packages

7. PL/SQL Triggers

8. PL/SQL Tutorial